Easter Message


On Good Friday, as in other years, some of us participated in the Ecumenical Good Friday Walk for Justice in downtown Toronto. This year the theme was “Dimensions of Poverty”. At the four stations we had the opportunity to reflect on some of the unjust situations that exist here in Canada and in other countries, situations that we as Christians are called to do something about.

We heard again that many workers are forced to live on inadequate wages and unfair working conditions, that the legal system works against the poor, making it difficult for them to rise out of poverty. We were reminded that the wealth in the world is unfairly distributed and benefits the few; poverty is greater among Indigenous people; the number of homeless in the city is increasing.

We saw again that the resurrection of Jesus that gives us cause for hope does not give us the right to presume. We cannot wait for God to act because God acts in us.

The joyful, hope-filled gift of Easter is the awareness that God who showed us how to live justly through the life of Jesus continues to be with us. When we act on behalf of our sisters and brothers who need us we find, like the couple on the road to Emmaus, that God is there.

A Blessed Easter to all.

– Frances Brady, OLM

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