WaterDocs Film Festival

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On April 12, 2018, Water Docs held its 7th Annual Film Festival opening night at Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema. The event launched the Water Warrior Award.  Maude Barlow, the first recipient, was recognized for giving the world  hope and inspiration to be a caring society that provides health care and equity for all its citizens.  

Also, in this annual gathering three winning films were featured; HOLY (UN) HOLY RIVER by Pete McBride & Jake Norton, FIX AND RELEASE by Scott Dobson, and AMAZONIA DAMMED by Ada Bodjolle.  Each film brings awareness of the importance to protect and to preserve water.

The human right to water is also an awareness for us all to acknowledge.  Clean drinking water and sanitation are essential for everyone.  We call all world leaders and local government leaders to provide safe, clean, accessible and affordable drinking water and sanitation for all.

One of the many ways to make this awareness become reality is by joining the Blue Community Project campaign. Please see links below.

By Lorie Nuñez, OLM


Water Warrior Award

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