70 Years NAKBA (Arabic for Disaster or Catastrophe)



On Saturday May 12th, supporters of Palestinian rights from various groups gathered on Bloor Street opposite the Israeli consulate.  A young Mohawk woman spoke of her solidarity with the Palestinians whose experience of colonization is similar.  Jews United Against Zionism were also present as were the organizing group, Association of Progressive Palestinians in Canada and members of the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions. The crowd then marched down University Ave. to the American Consulate where further speeches were given.


In 1948, Zionist militias forced 700,000 Palestinians from their homes.  Bulldozers destroyed many of their villages while Jewish settlers occupied other Palestinian homes complete with furnishings. Palestinians fled to other places within the country or to Jordan, Lebanon and Syria where they remain to this day.  By the end of 1948, two-thirds of the Palestinian population was exiled or killed.  More than 55% were driven out under direct military assault; another 15% fled from Zionist gangs like Irgun and Stern; yet others fled as news spread of massacres committed by Zionist militias in Palestinian villages like Deir Yassin and Tantura. 

Since then, Israel has seized more and more Palestinian land through war and illegal settlement building. 

-Sr. Rosemary Williamson, OLM

Further Information: 

Visit You Tube Channel – nakba70action.org 

links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7FML0wzJ6A&list=PLvjwhzqDk-m4UMTIkZfthRMwpg2TMDDpH

                                              News: Aljazeera.com, electronicintifada.net 

                                                           Mondoweiss.net, maannews.com 

Canadians for Justice and Peace in Middle East: cjpme 

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