Autumn Equinox




Like the mythical summers of youth,

Unending hot days and warm nights,

Sun caressing the trees and the flowers,

The lake calm and warm and attracting.

Tomatoes and beans, lettuce, zucchini

The garden is green and productive.

Weather’s been like that the last two months

Unnaturally warm and inviting.

Grass, trees and ferns change to oil and to gas,

We’re coasting on summers long past,

Coal mines, and cars, trains, aeroplanes

Barbecues, hot tubs, street lighting.

So many changes, so many more coming,

More heat and more storms and more floods.

Our anchors are family, friends and relations,

Kindness, and courage, and wisdom.

Dave Collacutt
September, 2018


Dave, the author, mindfully walking a labyrinth meditation at his home.

2 thoughts on “Autumn Equinox”

  1. Sending my love and prayers to the Sisters as you prepare for your transition to your new home.
    Please pass along to Clarice my greetings as well to Mona. Missing them much.
    Lucy Lee a hello and hugs to you and Rosemary Hughes……

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