On October 21 a bright sunny autumn day, Our Lady’s Missionaries gathered at 2 Leander Court, to bid goodbye to this place which has been our Central House for the past 18 years. Reading parts of Sr. Maejanet’s poem “The Leave-Taking” helped us to remember the many comings and goings in our life journeys.


We were filled with gratitude as we shared our stories of going out to Mission and returning during the 18 years Leander was Home. As the poem reminded us “and yet now, time impels our going” to our new home Presentation Manor. We look forward with enthusiasm to continuing our “Life is Mission” with other Religious Communities of women and men and lay people. This broader way of Communal living will give us more opportunities to be creative in living out our Mission.


With grateful hearts, we prayed goodbye to Leander as we prayed welcome to Presentation Manor.


– Sr. Noreen Kearns, OLM

3 thoughts on “Leave-Taking”

  1. Resilience. Acceptance. Generosity. These are the adjectives of OLM. Looking forward to witnessing Gods plan unfold in this next chapter of your journey.


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