A New Year’s Message


A New Year – time to give thanks to God for the blessings of the past and to dream about what could be different, and better, in the year to come.

This year the “new” in New Year has a unique significance for many of Our Lady’s Missionaries. We are living in a new home (Presentation Manor), with new routines, new relationships, new possibilities and new opportunities to live our commitment of service to the reign of God.

    While we are being thankful for these and many other gifts we are thinking of others who are seeking and hoping for something new in this New Year. They are refugees seeking a home and safety, people living amid violence longing for peace and security, the sick waiting for health care, young people eager to have an education, the jobless looking for secure work and a living wage, and how many others???

     While we dream of possibilities for the future we ask for grace and guidance. Together with our larger community at Presentation Manor we look to the future as part of a global community, seeking to live in ways that help bring to reality God’s desire for all of us.


     We wish each of you peace, joy and the fulfillment of hopes in this New Year.


Frances Brady, OLM

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