How Are You Doing In Your New Home?


IMG_20190216_100736 - Maureen

This was the focus of a gathering of residents of Presentation Manor facilitated by Maureen McDonnell on a Saturday morning in February.  Maureen is currently engaged in Ministry for Maturing Adults at St. Bonaventure Parish.  She led us in a gentle process of reflection and story-telling around how we each came to be at Presentation Manor and what our hopes and dreams for our lives here might be.  Maureen helped us to voice some of our frustrations and concerns as well as our gratitude and expectations arising from our move to our new home.  Some are not yet ready to call Presentation Manor home.  Some have a sense of adventure and excitement from being among the first to move in.  Maureen assured us that everything we are experiencing is a normal part of such an important life transition.

IMG_20190216_105645 - Maureen & Mary

Mary Deighan, olm was especially looking forward to this gathering because it was she who hired a teen-aged Maureen to work at St. Vincent de Paul’s Marygrove Camp, managed Our Lady’s Missionaries back in the ’60s!

-Sr. Christine Gebel, OLM

3 thoughts on “How Are You Doing In Your New Home?”

    1. Hello Diane, I heard you graduated this year with flying colors. Congratulations! I am sorry to only able to see your message today. But please be assured that you and your family is well remembered in my prayers. Sr. Lalang


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