Decolonization & Climate Change


The Joint Ecological Ministry committee (JEM) hosted a two day gathering last May 22’nd and 23’rd and some OLMs were in attendance.  The theme was “Decolonization & Climate Change,” and the main speakers were Sylvia McAdam Saysewahum (co-founder of Idle No More & One House, Many Nations), Deborah McGregor (Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Environmental Justice, York University), and Jennifer Henry (Executive Director of KAIROS).

Sylvia McAdam (left) & Deborah McGregor (right)


All three women spoke from their hearts, voicing some strong challenges to those of us who are settlers on the land that is now called Canada.  Sylvia mentioned that whenever she felt troubled about something she knew that there was an important learning coming.  The two days did indeed leave us with much to ponder.



Deborah McGregor, Jennifer Henry, Sylvia McAdam (left to right)
There were also four speakers on a panel on the afternoon of the second day:  Paul Baines (Blue Communities facilitator for the Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada), Karri Venn-Munn (Senior Policy Analyst with Citizens for Public Justice), Fr. Bert Foliot SJ (IRSS Legacy, Restoration of Identity Project), and Agnes Richards (Coordinating the establishment of a Canadian arm of the Global Catholic Climate Movement).  They each spoke of a project designed to raise awareness of Care for the Earth or Truth & Reconciliation.  They too left us with much to ponder.
Bert Foliot SJ, Karri Munn-Venn, Agnes Richards, Paul Baines (left to right)

-Sr. Christine Gebel, OLM

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