In November of 2017, the then minister Jane Philpott committed to build and operate a Mercury Survivors Home and Care Centre in Grassy Narrows.  Nearly 500 days later, only 1% of the cost to build the facility has flowed and the project is stalled.


Meanwhile, 94% of Grassy Narrows people get no compensation for the intense impacts of the ongoing mercury crisis on their health, culture, and livelihood.  Instead of getting the support they need they face chronic denial as they live with deep poverty and severe food insecurity.

“Commitment to Meaningful Relationships with First Nations” was one of the promises Prime Minister Trudeau made.

Prime Minister Trudeau spoke at a liberal fund raising dinner in Toronto on May 9th.  Across the street from the venue advocates for Grassy Narrows from several groups gathered with a poster, noise makers and chanting to once again plead for justice.  Pamphlets with relevant information were also passed out.


Chrissy Swain one of the women in Grassy Narrows, who has been an activist for many years addressed the crowd via a cell phone hook up. She is now a grandmother but continues her commitment not to simply be a victim but to stand up and seek justice.  The people of Grassy Narrows continue to seek the funds previously promised in 2017 to build a mercury treatment center in Grassy.

Further Information: http://www.freegrassy.net

Sr. Rosemary Williamson, OLM



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