A Determined YOU



On June 28, 2019, OLMs, family, friends and some residents of Presentation Manor gathered to celebrate Sr. Mary Hughes’ life. A Prayer Service to remember her was held in the chapel.


Some of the readings were messages for Sr. Mary’s 90th birthday (8 years ago) written by OLM sisters. One of these was written by Sr. Therese MacDonald+ who asked her about how many siblings she had and responded “I have two brothers, Frank and Red, I do not have any blood sisters but look at all the sisters I have now.” Another memory was written by Sr. Clarice Garvey+ who wrote how Mary Hughes was well loved by the people in Brazil. Her dedication to join CNWE’s prayer rally against human trafficking showed her concern for women’s rights.

Sr. Mary Hughes, OLM indeed is a woman for all seasons and one who showed us how to grow older with grace and peace. Here is a poem written by Sr. Marie Clarkson, OLM:

Mary Mary

Mary, Mary
quite contrary
a determined lass
always tallest in class
a girl among boys
no need for toys
compete with your brothers
gave mother the shudders
keep your clothes clean
who wants to be queen
there were horses to ride
and places to hide
who could cope
with the lot of you folk
Aunt Nell did her best
although put to the test
guarded under her wing
your praises she’d sing

big changes in store
new happenings galore
you had the means
to be curate it seems

remember the Polish Parish
the candle light walk in the snow
the pride of the people
small food offerings
their all
is this memory
what helps you
stand tall
training, appointments and mission
what a great shock to your system

beautiful people for meeting
bom dia your greeting
then time with your Dad
much joy to be had

the love of life deepens
the struggle, the fun
the laughter

always courage
compassion, faithfulness
a deep love of family
and stories to tell

O Mary

the inner light
is ever bright
and shines through
a very, very
determined YOU

our Mary, Mary
quite contrary.

90th birthday, April 2011 by Marie Clarkson, OLM


-Lorie Nunez, OLM

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