The Blue Scarf Walk

About 50 people took part in the Blue Scarf Walk this year.  Held on September 21, the International Day of Peace, the walk in Toronto is just one of many similar events held around the world.

In Toronto, the walk was co-sponsored by several groups:

Christian Peacemaker Teams, Pax Christi Toronto,  KAIROS, Development and Peace, Basilian Centre for Peace and Justice, Student Christian Movement, Camp Micah,                 Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, and World Beyond War

According to the leaflet that was given to participants, “In 2008, a small group of brave women gathered in war-torn Khandahar wearing Blue Scarves to publicly pray for peace and justice in Afghanistan.  In 2011, the Afghan Yourth Peace Volunteers turned the Blue Scarf events into a Global Peace Movement.”

Getting organized at Grange Park

Gathering in Grange Park, a diverse group of young and old stopped in front of the 52 Division of the Toronto Police, the American Consulate, and the Sculpture Court at Toronto City Hall, and finally, at the Peace Gardens of City Hall.  Each time, reflections on peace were shared by different speakers.  All were focused on the link between peace and the climate emergency.

Stopping in front of 52 Division
Bringing the message to the American Consulate
Stopping at the Sculpture Court
Settling in at the final stop, the Peace Gardens at City Hall

-Sr. Christine Gebel, OLM

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