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On September 27, 2019, some sisters of Our Lady’s Missionaries joined the young people, inspired by Greta Thunberg who is leading the world in a Global Climate Strike. They demand protection of the tropical rain-forest where there is massive destruction. It is damaging our planet, and we must help restore the Eco system by stopping funds to projects that destroy nature.


“We are living in the beginning of a mass extinction” This is the message that the youth around the world want to convey. They are giving up education to protest because they believe that we can still fix this.

George Monbiot, environmental and political activist explains that a “magic technology sucks carbon out of the air costs very little and builds itself and is right in front of us. It is called “treetrees, mangroves, peat bogs, jungles, marshes, sea beds, kelp forests, swamps, and coral reefs,  are the natural climate solution.

Nature is God’s creation. It repairs our broken climate and can make a massive difference but only if we leave fossil fuels in the ground. This easy and doable solution is the reason our young people around the globe ask all of us to unite with science to understand climate change and act.

Here are some images of people of all walks of life with their messages during the Global Climate Strike at Queen’s Park, Toronto.


-Lorie Nunez, OLM

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