This thanksgiving most of Our Lady’s Missionaries celebrated on Sunday October 13th together with friends and with the larger community at Presentation Manor. We participated at Mass together in our chapel before enjoying good food and companionship surrounded by the beauty of autumn colours both inside and outside our doors.

While enjoying this day I realized how important it is for us to name and be attentive to everything for which we are thankful. Because we take good care of the things that we love and value most and do our best to protect them from harm. What we treasure we do not take for granted.

During these days we have been thinking about ways to respond to a climate emergency. Health care, air pollution, contaminated water and an increase in violence are some of our many concerns. We worry about those who are separated from family, unemployed, homeless or deprived of a safe and secure existence. Sometimes we realize the value of things when they are in danger of being lost.


Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to gather with family, friends and community. It can also be an occasion for strengthening our resolve to protect and preserve, for ourselves and for others, all that is deserving of our love and care and gratitude.

Best wishes to everyone for a Thanksgiving filled with joy and appreciation for all you hold dear.

-Frances Brady, OLM

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