Women are the Change the Catholic Church Needs

Four OLMs joined about 30 others in front of St. Michael’s Cathedral in Toronto, Canada the afternoon of March 8, International Women’s Day.  Together, we raised our voices with women and men around the world to say that it’s time for change in our Church; time for justice and equality for women.  Spearheaded by Voices of Faith, similar events were held in Germany, Italy, Australia, Switzerland, Austria, India, Kenya, Spain, the United States, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Luxembourg, Croatia, Ireland and Pakistan!

In Toronto we focused on the positive… singing and chanting that we too are Church and we have much to share and give.  Contrary to what some might think, we attended because we love the Church, the People of God.

Sr. Christine Gebel, OLM

To learn more about the Catholic Network for Women’s Equality, go to:


To learn more about Voices of Faith, go to:


2 thoughts on “Women are the Change the Catholic Church Needs”

  1. FIcamos felizes aqui em Fortaleza-pici pelo dia 8 e somos solidário a luta das mulheres por igualdade na igreja católica, parabéns a irmãs missionarias de nossa senhora por defender a luta das mulheres . obrigado e lembranças as todas das irmãs ( lorie,lucy,mona e as outras ),FRANCISCO E CICERA.

    Translation: We were happy here in Fortaleza-pici on the 8th and we support the women’s struggle for equality in the Catholic Church, congratulations to our lady’s missionary sisters for defending the women’s struggle. thanks and regards to all of the sisters (lorie, lucy, mona and the others), FRANCISCO AND CICERA.

    Reply: Dear Francisco, Thank you for your encouraging comment. Let us continue in this journey supporting women’s equality so that the Catholic Church recognizes the gifts of women.


    1. Oi Francisco, Obrigado pelo seu comentário encorajador. Vamos continuar nesta jornada de apoio à igualdade das mulheres e que a Igreja Católica reconheça os dons das mulheres.


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