Vernal Equinox – March, 2020

A New Day

The world goes faster, faster, faster,
Complicated, confusing, complex.
Wet’suwet’en ceremony and blockades
Rolling school strikes, pipelines and mines.

Quietly, in the distance,
A new name in the news.
Wuhan . . . never heard of it,
But eleven million people!

The world is changing, China
South Korea, Singapore, Italy,
Spain, France, Canada, slowdown,
Shut down, quiet down, time out.

A deep breath. From increasing complexity,
Speeding change, frantic rush, comes a new day.
Maybe a tipping point, a chance to stop, consider,
Feel gratitude, love, a different connection.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s a chance to transform
Into a different way to live.

David Collacutt Spring 2020

Our thanks to David Collacutt for this beautiful photo and poem/reflection. We need beauty and hope!

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