Everywhere in the world Easter will be celebrated differently this year. With churches closed and gatherings unwise and unacceptable we all look for other ways to experience the joy of this holy day, the hope of Christ risen.

We are seeing signs of God’s presence and love with new eyes and renewed gratitude. The generosity and commitment of health care staff and others who work to provide for us, the kindness of so many people helping both friends and strangers in need, are awe inspiring.

For Our Lady’s Missionaries the care and attention given to residents by generous and dedicated staff at Presentation Manor and Providence Healthcare are exceptional and a cause for deep gratitude. The calls and messages from friends to ask if we are well, to keep in touch, are heartwarming and the thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.

I hope and believe that this year people of every faith, each celebrating their own particular holy days, will do so with a greater awareness that we are one people praising God perhaps by different names and in different ways.

With a growing awareness of how connected we all are with one another and our environment, we are coming to realize more clearly than ever that this earth on which we live is one home that we share. With this thought in mind for reflection, the beautiful Easter message from KAIROS can be seen below.

Best wishes from Our Lady’s Missionaries for an Easter season blessed with joy, gratitude and trust in God’s continued love and guidance.

Frances Brady, OLM

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