Gratitude for the Essentials

May 1’st is the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker. What better day to remember all the essential workers who are risking their lives to fulfill our basic needs during this most unprecedented time?

It’s also a good day to revise our idea of what is essential. It took a global pandemic for us to recognize how much we need grocery store workers and everyone else involved in bringing food to our tables including farmers and truck drivers. We now realize the importance of public transport workers, cleaners, waste and recycle collectors and so many others. Also at the top of the list…. teachers!

May our gratitude extend to ensuring that all workers receive just compensation for their work and that they are provided what they need to work safely.

OLMs are especially grateful for all the workers at Presentation Manor and the Houses of Providence. One is a seniors home and the other is long term care. Both are potential hot spots for COVID-19. We are grateful for all the precautions that are being taken in both places and for all the extra work the staff at both places are willingly and cheerfully taking on.

Thank you!

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