Hope for a New Normal

The world is facing a deadly disease that requires everyone to wear a mask, observe physical distancing, wash hands frequently, and only go out for essentials.

It also requires a proper understanding of COVID-19, which must be a based on medical science rather than politics. We need to listen to the scientists and medical experts.

This pandemic, I realize, also has implication for our faith as it gives us a chance to look after each other and creation. It asks us to be more loving of our neighbours so we can be part of the solution.

In Presentation Manor, we seek ways to participate in flattening the curve while Staying Home. Some sisters of Our Lady’s Missionaries, volunteer to sew non-medical face masks, lead assisted living residents in a sing-song, help to monitor the residents’ temperature twice a day, tend cash-register at the Tuck-Shop, share a game of scrabble, walking within the premises, writing and sending greeting cards to the sisters who live in Providence Healthcare, and learning the new digital mode of communication in order to connect with family and friends. This new way to communicate is easing difficult isolation. It shows us how a new normal is unfolding through this crisis.

The RCIA group of St. Thomas More Parish (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) is continuing classes through ZOOM meeting.  This digital connecting has shown us a profound meaning of our faith journey. The elect remain hopeful to be baptized and grateful that in isolation we are doing our part to love our neighbours by staying home.

Below is a song, “Ukuthula,” recorded in isolation by St. Thomas More choir. One of the member completed the RCIA process few years back and then decided to join the music ministry.

Hi Sister, I’m so glad I found you on Facebook. I always think of you. You touched my life since I know you from RCIA. And I keep in mind what you told me to be in a choir. But Before I joined the choir I had dream that I am singing in the Mountain. So I decided to join the choir. Thank you sister for the inspiration. Donald had just our first recorded UKuthula in Isolation. Take care and Stay safe sister ❤️

This global crisis has awakened us to find new ways of being…. to think differently so the earth can continue to heal.

May we take courage to continue to join together, to make new choices, and create new ways to live and heal the earth fully.

Sr. Lorie Nuñez, OLM

6 thoughts on “Hope for a New Normal”

  1. Thanks for the update. The activities and efforts of your community sends a message filled with courage and hope.


  2. So great to know you are well, and no surprise that you are continuing to give… Best wishes from Port Perry!


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