Moving Forward Together to 2021

Along with the other residents of Presentation Manor and Providence Healthcare we Sisters of Our Lady’s Missionaries are preparing for the New Year much as we celebrated Christmas. While missing the usual visits with family and friends, we are immensely grateful for the warm and caring communities in which we live assisted by kind and attentive staff members.

Unable to have Mass in our Presentation Manor chapel, our celebrations of this liturgical season were centered around a variety of smaller gatherings and the TV or internet. This surely did not lessen, and possibly increased, the fervour of our prayers for one another and for our world.

Some of the blessings we give thanks for are different from the ones we usually express when looking back on a previous year. They may also lead us to more faithfully keeping our “New Year’s resolutions” – which will also, perhaps, be different from other years.

Whatever we give thanks for or resolve for the future, my heartfelt hopes and prayers are those shared by many. May we move forward together with care and compassion for all people and with respect and reverence for the created world that gives and supports life.

Happy New Year All!

Frances Brady, OLM

2 thoughts on “Moving Forward Together to 2021”

    1. Hello Dianne, thank you for your comment and know that OLMs will be praying for you and your family always. May the year 2021 show you to be a blessing to our world.


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