A Tribute to Sr. Mona Kelly, OLM

Mona Kelly! We, the community of Escuta – Espaço Cultural Frei Tito de Alencar, will see you in Heaven, you have lived life to the fullest in our midst on Earth, our Common Home especially in Planalto do Pici, Fortaleza.

We witnessed your commitment to fight for liberation, peace, and justice by accompanying the poor and the marginalized denied their human rights.  You were a warrior by bringing together homeless people to be courageous to preserve and defend the right to housing before the state’s power.

At her invitation I, Leonardo Sampaio and Lúcia Vasconcelos in 1990 met  with a group of people at the church (Igreja da Penha) in Bela Vista, where the sisters of Our Lady’s Missionaries lived. We discussed the occupation of the land of the abandoned American Airforce Base in Bairro Pici. The initiative to occupy the land was strengthened, and soon after, you stepped on that space with a hoe in your hand and stuck it in the land, the land to call home that was longed for by many people to live, they were poor who’d been unprotected from the abusive powers. That very moment we see you as one of us not an outsider nor a foreigner, but a land dweller with a humanitarian spirit ingrained with the faith of Christ the Deliverer, making her mission present the oppressed and building the Kingdom of God here on Earth, the Kingdom of justice, equality, equity, love and fraternity.

Mona, in her earthly passage, testified to her commitment, leaving her legacy to be followed, which is why we are sure of her presence in the infinity of the Universe with the Sacred Deities.

Our gratitude to her and her congregation.

Sister Mona present, yesterday, today and forever!

Coordenação do Escuta 11/01/2021. (Translated from the original Portuguese)

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