Day of Action for a Just Transition

Christine Gebel OLM

On March 12, 2022 events were held across Canada to call for a Just Transition – from fossil fuels to green energy. 

Sr. Lorie Nuñez and I attended one held near the office of M.P. Nathaniel Erskine-Smith.  I was attracted to this particular event because the invitation stated, “masking is going to be welcome.”

Lorie Nuñez OLM

This is just about the first public event in which I’ve participated since the beginning of the pandemic!  Since it was being held outside and the organizers were obviously conscious of Covid risks, I felt safe to attend.

The reason I (and most of the participants) wore a mask is the same reason I’m concerned about the Global Climate Emergency.

We all breathe the same air – literally – and whether it is infected with a virus or polluted with greenhouse gases, CO2, and other poisons, all Creation suffers.

Those who are economically poor may suffer first, but eventually we are all affected.  All of Earth is inextricably interconnected.

Mary-Ellen Francoeur SOS (left)

This means that the pandemic won’t be finished just because my little corner of the world is vaccinated.  The pandemic will only be vanquished when we ensure that everyone around the world has access to vaccines and medicines.

And, the Climate Emergency will not be resolved because my little corner of the world has reduced its fossil fuel use.  We need bold measures to be taken on many levels. 

One of the speakers at this event reminded us that decarbonization cannot happen without decolonialization.  A Just Transition also ensures that workers who will suffer loss in a transition off fossil fuels are given new opportunities in a green economy. 

The invitation to this event also mentioned cookies and “a spirit of fun, challenge and fierce joy.”  We have a long road ahead of us.  Fierce joy will help us to keep up our energy for the journey.  Cookies will help too!

Christine Gebel OLM (right)

Christine Gebel OLM

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