Dancing Alone Together

Religions for Peace International https://www.rfp.org/?fbclid=IwAR2LQJ0g_xlxnX7E3_wRVmZAwAxsrJKpHLGb6W1hun8YFWZ4uxlKqDTCuh8

At a time when there is so much suffering – wars, climate change, racism, the pandemic, and so much more – as you can see from the meme above, there is also celebration and unity. 

Some time ago, I heard Sr. Jose Hobday, a Native Franciscan Sister, describe Native North Americans’ dance as “dancing alone together.”  What an apt description of all people of faith who are celebrating these days!

While the details of our beliefs and rituals vary, the core values of all these faith traditions are the same… love, peace, justice.

We who are Christians, celebrate the Paschal Mystery – the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, the Christ.  As we reflect on suffering, death and new life, those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere are used to seeing this same mystery played out in all of Creation as plants and trees spring back into life. 

(Although, due to climate change, weather patterns are disturbed and some are celebrating Easter with a huge dump of newly fallen snow.)

May our journey with Jesus this Easter weekend, through suffering and death into the new life of resurrection enable us to recognize the same journey in our own lives. 

And, may the happiness all of us enjoy as we observe our different celebrations give us the energy, courage and strength to pray and work together to spread the love, peace and justice we all value so much.

Happy Easter!  Blessings on all who are celebrating at this time!

Sr. Christine Gebel, OLM

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