A Season for Letting Go

Here in Canada, as we move into the autumn months “Letting Go” becomes a prominent theme.  Trees let go of their leaves; we let go of the birds migrating South; and we also let go of the glorious long days of summer!

Our Lady’s Missionaries have recently gone through a couple of other kinds of letting go…

Our Sr. Cecile Turner passed away on January 7, 2020, and, ever generous and wanting to be of help, had her body donated for scientific research.  Her cremated remains were recently returned to us and on September 10, 2022, we gathered in prayer to remember Cecile and say one last goodbye as we buried her urn at Holy Cross Cemetery. 

We pray that all of you who knew our Cecile will continue to carry good memories of her generosity and compassion and live in the hope that she is now fully alive in God and free of all pain and anxiety.

As we experience our various common and individual lettings go this autumn, may all of us be grateful for what has been and hopeful for what will be.

-Sr. Christine Gebel, OLM

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