A Fresh Start!

Every year at this time, I enjoy the feeling of starting a fresh New Year.  This year, as I spend time reflecting on my desires and goals for 2023, I do so with a sense of gratitude for the blessings of 2022 as well as of letting go of the mistakes and disappointments of the past year.

May we all have a fresh start with renewed hope and energy to pour into the various issues and concerns that are important to us – whether it be the Climate Crisis, Racism, Sexism, Human Right Abuses or another of the many, many situations that need attention.

Some of us may delve a bit in many different issues and others may focus more deeply on one or two.  As they say, “You do you!”  Since everything and every being is inter-connected, whatever you choose, it will ripple out to the whole world.

Like the much joked-about New Year’s resolutions, our hope and energy will wane as time moves forward, and that freshness will start to feel stale.

That’s why the New Year has 365 days!  My hope and prayer for each of us is that we are able to begin each new morning with a fresh start too, getting in touch with our gratitude for what is and our enthusiasm for what could be.

Wishing you blessings and much goodness in 2023.

Christine Gebel OLM

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