Interfaith Silent Prayer Vigil

On a very cold day, about 75 people, including two OLM sisters, gathered outside Toronto’s City Hall praying for a compassionate response to our housing crisis, while inside, the City’s Executive Committee met.

Before we began our 30 minute silent prayer, we were reminded that two people have already died on the streets this winter and more than 100 people are turned away from shelters each evening.

Hosted by the Stone Soup Network, we saw familiar and new faces at the vigil – all desiring that the City’s Annual Budget, on which the City Council will vote February 14, will include compassion for those who need it most, especially those who have no home in the middle of a cold winter.

Sr. Rosemary Williamson, OLM, Sr. Mary-Ellen Francoeur, SOS, Fr. Bob Holmes, CSB, Fr. Jack Costello, SJ

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