About Us

olm-montageOur Lady’s Missionaries (OLM) is an international community of women who have devoted their lives to service by sharing life with the poor and least privileged. While focusing on children, families and women’s concerns, they work for global justice, peace and care for the earth.

History of Our Lady’s Missionaries

Our Lady’s Missionaries was founded in 1949, in Alexandria, Ontario, Canada under the direction of Msgr. Dan R. Macdonald. In 1959 the group relocated to Toronto. OLM receive members universally, who participate fully in the life and mission of the Congregation and the Church.

The first mission was opened in 1956 when four sisters went to Japan. In 1957 another mission was opened in Nigeria. As requests came from various countries, missions were opened in Mexico, the Philippines, Brazil, and Guyana. Short term support work has also been provided in Vietnam, Thailand, Mozambique, England, the Canadian North and East Timor.

Some of their ministries included: home visiting; working with street children; advocacy for landless farmers; primary health care; pastoral care for those with HIV; promotion of mission education; advocacy for justice and peace; Out of the Cold program; Zen meditation; inter-faith dialogue; ministry to First Nations people.

Presently, OLMs are involved in various ministries in Canada which include: Out of the Cold; Providence Healthcare; St. Clair O’Connor Community; Becoming Neighbours; Ministry of Prayer; Pastoral Ministry and involvement in Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation concerns.

Leander House

OLM Central house

2 Leander Court

Toronto, ON M4B 2W1

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Toronto OLM Communities


Rosalind House

12 Rosalind Crescent

Toronto, ON M1L 2W9

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Cosburn House

990 Cosburn Avenue

Toronto, ON M4C 2X1

Phone 416-696-9320