Ministry of Prayer


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Entering into a Relationship

When did you first

weave your way into my life,


When did you first 

entice me

with your contagious

colors of love?

When did the mystery 

of your kindness stirChapter 2015 040

so strongly

I could no longer deny your grace?

I do not know the precise moment.

Perhaps there never was one.

More, it seems to me,

are the countless times,

endless ways, you enter,

thread by thread,Chapter 2015 032

the pattern of my days,

your presence inaudibly

interlacing my every moment,

your whispers and sighs,

your breathy voice

in the ear of my heart,

persuading me into your embrace.

Please, Beloved,

never stop encouraging me.

Draw me daily

into the sanctuary 

of your enduring love.

                    – Joyce Rupp

(From: Prayer, Joyce Rupp. Orbis Publ. Used with permission. All rights reserved.)