OLM Chapter Directional Statement

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Embracing Life 

           with Gratitude



God of love and laughter, we embrace with gratitude and ponder with Mary, our sister in faith, all the people and places to which you have sent us around the world and through the years.

We embrace with gratitude, and some trembling, the life you are giving us now, with all the challenges of aging, and the many transitions into the new and unfamiliar.

May our community life be blessed with wisdom and discernment, peace and joy, and always, much gratitude, to you our Source, our Path, and our Ultimate Completion.


                                                Guided by the Spirit,

                                            we have become aware

                                    of the reality of our diminishment,

                                  and we find mission more than ever

                                      in the quality of our presence.


Always and everywhere in union with God – Our Life is Mission.

Mindful that we exist within a web of relatedness with the One, and with all, we engage in prayer, awareness and action.

We believe that our increasing vulnerability is an opportunity to deepen our compassion and strengthen our solidarity with those who for too long have had little or no chance to make choices in their lives.

We look forward to our move into Presentation Manor as an expansion of our mission.

Community Prayer

Loving God, draw us to yourself

     through our care of one another

     and of creation.

Help us to understand

     that we are united

     by a special closeness

     with all of our sisters and brothers

     throughout the world.

In seeking this union

     we find our strength and blessing.

Today and every day

     we ask your grace and guidance

     for each member of our community,

     our families, friends and benefactors.

Make us mindful that each thought,

     word and deed of ours

     affects the whole of creation.

Led by the Spirit,

     may we be open

     to the invitation of Jesus our brother

     to meet Him in all

     especially in the poor, the sick

     and the hungry of our world.

We rejoice 

     because we experience

     their courage,

     love and desire for life.

Like Mary, may we be women of faith,

     truly grateful

     for all we have received

     and full of hope for the future.

May each of us

     find peace and happiness

     in our journey towards You.